Finland Helsinki Discover Finland’s many faces with ResGladh. Discover the untouched wilderness, the endless days of summer and the smaller towns with 100% Finnish atmosphere. Finnish cuisine has ecological orientation through its origin from the forest. Finland is famous for its design and its crafts to be found any and everywhere. The genuine Finnish Sauna…

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Sweden Stockholm Stockholm, Scandinavia’s most beautiful capital city offers you an outstanding experience.Stockholm is a city with a huge variety of attractions and the charming old Town with its narrow alleys, you just can’t miss. Stockholm offers both beautiful natural sites and culturalenvironments. The archipelago is not far from Stockholm, one can almost say that it startsthere. Enjoy a unique encounter with nature’s beauty and the archipelago combined with thebuzz of the big city. We tailor unique experiences in Stockholm and Stockholm’s unique archipelago. With a combination of guided tour and the…

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Åland Mariehamn Åland is a collection of 6,500 islands in the Baltic Sea between Sweden and Finland. The islands have since 1950, had both their own flag and own stamps and the inhabitants also speak their own dialect of Finnish-Swedish. The islands are incredibly beautiful and have a nice nature and several small charming towns.…

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