Discover Finland's many faces with ResGladh. Discover the untouched wilderness, the endless days of summer and the smaller towns with 100% Finnish atmosphere. Finnish cuisine has ecological orientation through its origin from the forest. Finland is famous for its design and its crafts to be found any and everywhere. The genuine Finnish Sauna culture, relaxation without comparison, you can only experience in Finland.

Finland - Helsinki

Helsinki is unique among all the cities in Northern Europe. Lifestyle in Europe's northernmost capital city is full of contrasts and activities, hundreds of events and friendly people. Helsinki has always been influenced from both East and West. The archipelago around with hundreds of islands and islets offers an idyllic setting outside the city.

A history covering over 450 years, several layers of architecture and style cues can be detected in Helsinki. The Nordic design has made Helsinki world famous. Leafy parks in the city center and nearby forests offer a pleasant environment. Helsinki has a moderately relaxed pulse but has a rich variety of restaurants and nightlife. Everything within walking distance.

Finland - Åbo

Åbo or Turku which the city is called in Finnish is Finland's oldest town founded in the 1200s. Åbo's streets bear witness to life from the Middle Ages to the present. The buildings highlight styles from different decades and the city's history is palpable. Turku Castle, which has been featured in many important events in the country's history is one of Finland's national treasures. The area's colorful history and culture offers many interesting sights and events.

The wonderful archipelago of Turku comprises over 20,000 islands and islets. Stately bridges, spacious ferries and pleasant archipelago vessels connects the islands to each other.


Facts about Finland

Total area: 338,144 square kilometres.10% water and 69% forest; Europe’s largest archipelago, including the semi-autonomous province of Åland
Population: 5.4 million
Capital: Helsinki
Currency: euro
Languages: Finnish (91.5%), Swedish (5.5%) Sami (0.03%)
Neighboring Countries: Sweden, Norway, Russia
President: The head of state is the President of the Republic.
Climate: The climate of Finland is marked by cold winters and fairly warm summers. In summer the temperature quite often rises to +20 Celsius or more and occasionally goes close to +30 in southern and eastern parts of the country. In winter, temperatures of -20 Celsius are not uncommon in many areas. Finnish Lapland invariably has the lowest winter temperatures
Local Time: +2 hrs GMT