Stockholm, Scandinavia's most beautiful capital city offers you an outstanding experience.Stockholm is a city with a huge variety of attractions and the charming old Town with its narrow alleys, you just can't miss. Stockholm offers both beautiful natural sites and culturalenvironments. The archipelago is not far from Stockholm, one can almost say that it startsthere. Enjoy a unique encounter with nature's beauty and the archipelago combined with thebuzz of the big city. We tailor unique experiences in Stockholm and Stockholm's unique archipelago.
With a combination of guided tour and the Stockholmpass, you get moreout of your visit to this beautiful capital city.The archipelago of Sweden's east coast

The archipelago of Sweden's east coast  is something quite unique with its 30,000 islands.Stockholm archipelago, invites you to a unique experience with both the beautiful natural areas and cultural environments. You get a unique encounter with nature's beauty and the archipelago, both onshore and offshore. The archipelago on the east coast is easily accessiblefrom both land and sea. Combines metropolitan stay in Stockholm with one of the charming coastal towns in Roslagen, north of Stockholm or islands in the southern archipelago.

Northern Archipelago in Roslagen, with its 13,000 islands offer experiences in an authentic setting. Small charming cities on the waterfront, which offer everything from fishing and feast to gourmet and design.

Experience the history of Sweden at the world unique Walloon ironworks, Wira Bruk, Vaxholm fortress and St. Bridget Finsta. Forty medieval churches and as many museums to discover all year round! For the active, there are a wide range of activities. Fishing, canoeing, fun rides in all shapes, golf, kayaking and biking and hiking trails are just a few of our suggestions. For the connoisseur, there is everything from charming restaurants in the archipelago and personal cafes to gourmet dining in award winning mansions.

There is, in Roslagen, accommodation to suit all budgets and requirements. Everything from friendly hostel to classy hotels.
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